Limestone Powder

  1. Calcium Carbonate Grinding Powder

    Calcium Carbonate Grinding Powder is a chemical substance procured by grinding limestone and has calcium carbonate along with iron oxide as its main mineral composition. Due to their rich calcium content, it is used for various applications like dietary calcium supplement & antacid in the food industry, reinforcing filler & pigment extender in paint industry, inert filler in tablet & base carrier in pharmaceutical industry etc.
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  2. White Limestone Powder For Paper

    White Limestone Powder For Paper is used as a filling agent in the paper manufacturing process for improving the whiteness, thickness & opacity. Apart from this, the white precipitated limestone powder also provides smooth paper surface
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  3. Natural Mineral Limestone Powder

    Natural Mineral Limestone Powder is made by grounding the limestone into the finer particles. Due the presence of iron oxide & calcium carbonate in their pure form, the limestone powder is used for various applications such as soil conditioner, filler & viscosity controller in sealants, paints & rubbers, calcium dietary supplement & antacid etc.
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